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Medtronic Insulin Pump 530G with CGM System 
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Product Description As an integrated insulin pump and CGM system, the MiniMed 530G system offers better control than multiple daily injections or conventional insulin pumps. It increases confidence to achieve better control. The Threshold Suspend feature automatically stops insulin delivery when sensor glucose values reach a preset low threshold. Works with 1.8ml reservoir - MMT326A Minimed 530G Enlight Features: • Threshold Suspend automatically stops insulin delivery when your sensor glucose values reach a preset low threshold giving you increased confidence for better control. Most advanced diabetes management tool. Mimics some of the functions of a healthy pancreas. • CGM integration provides readings every five minutes. Allowing you to identify trends and make adjustments to your lifestyle or treatment • Predictive alerts notify you up to 30 minutes before you reach a certain sensor glucose level. Helping you to react sooner to low and high sensor glucose levels • Accurate Enlite sensor features a 31% improvement in overall accuracy versus Sof-sensor® glucose sensor. More reliable detection of high and low glucose levels • Bolus Wizard calculates an insulin bolus amount with minimal button pushes, making life easier and helping prevent calculation errors. Contents: • MiniMed 530G Insulin Pump - Enlite 551 Series • MiniLink Transmitter Kit (MMT-7725NA) • Enlite Serter (MMT-7510) • Test Plug (MMT-7006NA) • Charger (MMT-7005NA) • Color: Clear FREE SHIPPING
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